Polyfill LLC: "A Market Leader in Acoustical Insulation Solutions"

Polyfill LLC, located in Sidney, Ohio, supplies ethylene-based acoustical barrier materials to the Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Markets.


We utilize base compounds to create a homogeneous blend of heavily-filled thermoplastic sheets, rolls and die cut parts that function as a barrier in acoustical applications. Common uses for our products include automotive carpet, dash insulators, hood liners and trunk systems. By helping to prevent noise intrusion into a vehicle's interior, Polyfill’s barrier materials contribute to your car's nice, quiet ride.

In the industrial and commercial fields, our product is found in many applications: wall and floor insulation, oil delivery-line sound reduction, HVAC systems, and recording studios, among others. Our product is highly effective in confining noise to a specific area or stopping its intrusion into another.


All of Polyfill’s components are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Nothing goes to waste, and there are no hazardous by-products. You can even find our recycled product used in such applications as garden mulch and playground surface covering.


The staff at Polyfill has over 100 years of combined experience and we welcome the opportunity to discuss our products and how they would fit your specific applications.