Custom Acoustical Barriers

Polyfill products are based on mineral filled, ethylene co-polymer formulas that impede the transmission of sound waves, thereby reducing noise within a given environment. This acoustical barrier effectively reduces noise on its own, but takes on enhanced acoustical properties when combined with sound absorbing materials. The flexible and customizable nature of our acoustical barrier allows us to provide customer specific solutions to various industries.

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By helping to prevent noise intrusion into a vehicle's interior, Polyfill’s barrier materials contribute to the modern car's nice, quiet ride. Our composite constructions, incorporating both barrier and absorber materials, are engineered to block and reflect high-energy, low-frequency road noise and airborne sound across a wide frequency range, and can be tuned for custom automotive applications.

Common Uses for our products include:

- Carpet
- Hood and Dash Insulators
- Fender Liners
- Trunk Systems and Tunnel Covers

- General Motors GMW 14171
- Ford WSS-M5G52-B
- Chrysler MSDC 259
- Toyota TSL5705G-4
- BMW DIN 53504
- Mercedes DBL 5972.40


Heavy Truck

Noise reduction is of utmost importance in heavy truck and commercial vehicles, given the sheer amount of time drivers spend in their cabs. Whether is structure-borne or airborne, Polyfill’s acoustical barriers can reduce the noise drivers experience when traveling, helping to increase driver productivity and safety.


Building Materials & HVAC

In the industrial and commercial fields, our product is found in many applications: wall and floor insulation, oil delivery-line sound reduction, HVAC systems, other appliances, and recording studios, among others. Our product is highly effective in isolating noise to a specific area or stopping its transmission into another.

Additional Markets Served


Power Sports




Lawn & Garden


0.5 lbft2 EVA STC Test Report

0.75 lbft2 EVA STC Test Report

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1.5 lbft2 EVA STC Test Report